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Benchmarks Visualization
Effectiveness By Boss
Benchmarks are updated to reflect the May 16, 2017  patch!
Class Build Hitbox DPS
Tempest Condition Large 39.7k
Tempest FA Sc/W Large 38.1k
Tempest Standard Staff Large 37.1k
Tempest FA D/W Large 36.0k
Dragonhunter Virtues Sc/T+GS Large 34.6k
Class Build Hitbox DPS
Daredevil Condition Small 36.2k
Engineer Condition Small 35.5k
Tempest Condition Small 34.2k
Ranger Condition Small 33.9k
Reaper Condition Small 33.8k
Daredevil Staff Power Small 31.5k
Berserker Condition DPS Small 31.4k
Engineer Power Small 31.0k
Revenant Condition Small 30.8k
Tempest Dagger/Warhorn Small 30.4k
Tempest Scepter/Warhorn Small 30.3k
Thief Dagger + Dagger Small 29.6k
Dragonhunter Sc/T + GS Small 29.3k
Berserker Condi PS Small 27.7k
Revenant Jalis Small 26.5k
Mesmer Condition Small 25.8k
Guardian Hammer Small 25.8k
Berserker Power PS Trufflesteak Small 22.3k
Berserker Power PS Dumplings Small 21.6k
Chrono Domi/Illu Small 14.1k
Chrono Domi/Inspi Small 12.6k
Chrono Illu/Inspi Small 12.1k