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Condition Reaper


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Condition Reaper

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General Advice

  • Always finish your Autoattack chain because the 3rd attackPutrid Curse.png is the most powerful
  • After casting Executioner’s ScytheExecutioner's Scythe.png stand inside the enemies hitbox and cast Soul SpiralSoul Spiral.png so all Whirl finishers hit the boss
  • Only cast Blood is PowerBlood Is Power.png if Deathly Swarm Deathly Swarm.png is ready, to transfer the BleedingBleeding 40px.png and TormentTorment 40px.png from Master of CorruptionMaster of Corruption.png
  • Use EpidemicEpidemic.png to bounce it off another mob if you have 2 Necromancer’s in the group
  • Use Signet of VampirismSignet of Vampirism.png to help with Scholar uptime and small heals
  • Weapon Swap as soon as you start casting Grasping Darkness  in order to cancel the aftercast#
  • Pick up and use the Ice Bow  from your Elementalists. It’s more group DPS if the Necromancer uses the Ice Bow  instead of the Elementalist. You should use Frost Fan , Ice Storm  and Deep Freeze . The best timing to use it is, when you would normaly do your Scepter Auto Attack Chain (This only applies if the Ele is playing the normal Staff build or the phases are short enough that a second Ice Bow doesn’t need to be picked up by the Elementalist).

Necro is a decent class for green circle duty, since nearly all of it’s attacks are ranged, meaning you lose very little damage from moving out!

If there is a second necro in the group then coordinate your  Epidemic on the seekers for a DPS increase!

If there is a second necro in the group then coordinate your  Epidemic on the mobs that spawn for a DPS increase!

Necro can easily chill/cripple the spirits during the split using  Grasping Dead &  Executioner’s Scythe

coordinate your  Epidemic on the mobs that spawn to cleave them down ASAP, Make sure not to hit your Teammate in slub form!

coordinate your  Epidemic on the mobs that spawn to cleave them down ASAP

Fractal Reaper

Viper’s Scepter and Dagger with Sigil of Agony and Sigil of Geomancy

Viper’s Warhorn with Sigil of Geomancy (Additionally, you could replace Geomancy with Sigil Of Earth if you’re struggling to proc Geomancy on a boss)

Infinite Mist Omnipotion = All 3 Potions effects in 1.

Large Mist Offensive Potion = Gives you 15% dmg and 15% condi dmg + 225 Precision

Large Mist Mobility Potion = Gives you 50% endurance Recharge and 25% Movement Speed + 225 Concentration

Large Mist Defensive Potion = Gives you a 25% dmg reduction + 225 Toughness

Anguished Tear of Alba = Gives you 15 Agony Resistance ( use it as a way to reach 150 AR to save some gold or for extra stats as 1 AR = 1.5 of a stat)

  • Some effects like the 1 AR = 1.5 of a stat only work if you have the fractal mastery Mistlock Singularities