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General Information

Welcome to our Staff Tempest Guide for Guildwars 2. Here you will learn everything you need to know about playing a Staff Tempest in a raid environment.

Class Overview

Personal DPS
Crowd Control (CC)
Meta Effective Not Recommended
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1. Strengths

  • Extremely Strong burst capabilities over the course of ~15 seconds
  • One of the highest AoE cleave DPS in the game
  • Can do even more burst damage to targets affected by stun or knockdown if using the Standard Air variant
  • Can provide small support to the team through group healing, stunbreaks, protection sources, vulnerability and might sources
  • Has powerful CC skills on a fairly long cooldown
  • Good mobility with burning retreat and fiery greatsword

2. Weaknesses

  • Extremely fragile to enemy attacks and very vulnerable without the support of a good druid and chronomancer
  • Very long cooldowns on DPS skills, highly alacrity dependent and very weak when forced to delay abilities
  • Weak against constantly moving targets
  • Relies on scholar uptime and hitbox size to deal DPS
  • Stationary while casting primary DPS skills, and loses too much DPS if required to cancel abilities

3. Current Viability

With the August 8, 2017 Balance Patch Tempest received heavy nerfs targeting , , and . These nerfs pushed the scepter/warhorn and dagger/warhorn builds out of the raid meta. Fresh air staff also took a huge hit but still remains the go-to for Xera.

Standard staff elementalist which includes both the fire/air version and fire/arcane version didn’t see any nerfs to weapon skills this patch, but is still affected by the overload nerfs. This is slightly counterbalanced by the changes to , giving the elementalist slightly higher power than before. Overall staff tempest DPS will be slightly lower than before the patch, but it won’t be very noticeable.

saw a slight buff intended for condi tempest, but this also adds to the staff power tempest’s damage aswell.

  • : Wielders of this weapon gain increased power and condition damage and cast at regular intervals on random enemies.

This can be annoying however because it appears on completely random enemies, sometimes on random entities that can’t even be damaged. This often results in things being hit that you didn’t want to hit, such as the orb on KC or the friendly slub on sloth. You have to be a lot more careful now because this annoying passive can cause a raid wipe if you’re too close to something you didn’t want to hit. in-world duration of 60 seconds has been reduced to 30 seconds with this patch, which means you have to pick it up ASAP or it will despawn!

4. Contents

To make it easy to navigate the guide, we have split it into 2 pages:


  • 19 August 2017:  General cleanup, added description to Trait setups
  • 17 August 2017:  Added Stat Infusions, Moved Impact Setup to it's own tab
  • 12 August 2017:  Added section 
  • 17 October 2017: Updated effectiveness by boss table to better reflect the Path of Fire update

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