Staff Daredevil Guide

General Information

Welcome to our Staff Daredevil Guide for Guildwars 2. Here you will learn everything you need to know about playing a Staff Daredevil in a raid environment.

Class Overview

Personal DPS
Crowd Control (CC)
Meta Effective Not Recommended
            File:Mini Vale Guardian.png File:Mini Gorseval the Multifarious.png File:Mini Slothasor.png File:Mini Keep Construct.png File:Mini Xera.png File:Mini Mursaat Overseer.png File:Mini Samarog.png File:Mini Ragged White Mantle Figurehead.png  File:Mini Sabetha.png File:Mini Matthias Abomination.png File:Mini Cairn the Indomitable.png

1. Strengths

  • Strong CC from Basilisk Venom or Impact Strike
  • High survive ability due to the amount of dodging involved in the rotation

2. Weaknesses

  • Lacks the same burst damage capabilities compared to most other power DPS builds

3. Current Viability

With the August 8, 2017 Balance Patch Staff Daredevil received a small buff in the form of Twin Fangs. The trait got reworked to the following functionality:

  • Side Strikes and Flawless Strikes got fused together making Twin Fangs give 7% Crit dmg and 7% Crit chance.
  • Due to having more crit chance Spider Venom took over Signet of Agility as we don’t need any more precision.

These changes boosted Staff Daredevil damage a bit but not enough to make it competitive with other classes like Guardian/Elementalist.

4. Contents

To make it easy to navigate the guide, we have split it into 2 pages:


  • 17 August 2017:  Updated gear to max crit chance, Added Stat Infusions
  • 12 August 2017:  Added section

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