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Power Revenant

Written Rotation
CC Breakdown

Legendary Dwarf Stance

Power Revenant Rotation

Don’t cancel/interrupt your auto attack, always finish the auto attack chain.

Personal DPS
Crowd Control (CC)
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General Advice

  • Don’t cancel/interrupt your auto attack, always finish the auto attack Chain.
  • Don’t use/spam Precision Strike  unless the autoattack chain is finished.
  • Swap legends off cooldown, if you have Fury  issues, you can camp Legendary Dragon Stance  at the beginning of a fight for a few seconds to share some Fury.
  • When you swap to Legendary Dwarf Stance , turn on Vengeful Hammers  instantly. Turn off Vengeful Hammers  just before you run out of energy so you can keep up Naturalistic Resonance , if the boon duration is needed.
  • When you swap to Legendary Dragon Stance , don’t use Elemental Blast  instantly. Delay it untill you finish your auto attack chain and Precision Strike. You have 9 seconds to use Elemental Blast , it doesn’t matter when.
  • Pulsing Protection  is nice for the group but will result in a personal DPS loss if you can’t trigger Equilibrium .
  • Frigid Blitz  is a good tool to close gaps between you and your target
  • You should only swap to staff for CC if it’s really needed. Swapping to staff is a big dps loss
  • Use Facet of Chaos during the split to provide protection for the group
  • You can use Chaotic Release in the first phase to push seekers
  • Use Frigid Blitz if you get ported to get back to the boss

  • Do Mortars as shown in this video

  • Always pulse protection on this boss
  • Use Frigid Blitz to get back to the boss after dropping corruption
  • Use Precision Strike, Elemental Blast and Frigid Blitz to chill the wargs
  • Use Inspiring Reinforcement to provide stability for your group to prevent getting kicked around by the knights

Use Rite of the Great Dwarf to reduce the incoming damage of your teammates during the orb phase

Healing Revenant

Legendary Centaur Stance