May Balance Patch Benchmarks

The May balance patch brought a lot of changes to the meta. Condition based builds had a buff across the board as you can see in the updated benchmarks. Remember, don’t be a class nazi and have fun!

Large Hitbox

Condition Tempest39.7K
FA Sc/W Tempest38.7K
Standard Staff Tempest36.0K
Virtues Sc/T + GS Dragonhunter34.6K

Small Hitbox

Condi Daredevil36.2K
Condi Engineer36.1K
Condi Tempest34.2K
Condi Ranger33.9K
Condi Reaper33.8K
Staff Daredevil31.5K
Condi Berserker31.4K
Power Engineer31.0K
Condi Revenant30.8K
Dagger/Warhorn Tempest30.4K
Scepter/Warhorn Tempest30.3K
D/D Thief29.6K
Sc/T + GS Dragonhunter29.3K
Condi PS Berserker27.7K
Jalis Revenant26.5K
Condi Mesmer25.8K
Hammer Dragonhunter25.8K
Power PS Trufflesteak Berserker22.3K
Power PS Dumplings Berserker21.6K
Domi/Illu Chrono14.1K
Domi/Inspi Chrono12.6K
Illu/Inspi Chrono12.1K