Condi Tempest Tips and Boss Examples

General Information

Our final section of the guide list some additional tips for different boss fights including videos of us playing the Condi Tempest against raid bosses. We will continue to add more videos to this section as they are made.

1. Boss Examples

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Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian has lower armor than the standard DPS golem used in benchmarks, thus power builds are a lot stronger than condi builds. Condi tempest can be used to speed up the red guardian kill during split phase, but otherwise it struggles to compete in DPS because it has difficulty landing when blue circles appear. Also, when tanking in the middle seekers will soak up damage from and . Use instead. If tanking at the wall with good seeker knock backs then would be a good choice since you distance yourself from seekers.

Save for the main boss. You can generally use and once during split phase and they’ll come back up in time for the main boss.

Always make sure you are using when there are 4 other players near you, since most of the time there will be less at red guardian.

Condi Tempest can do significant DPS to Gorseval, but it lacks CC to deal with Gorseval’s break bar while also being vulnerable to retaliation. Avoid using your during break bars as it can miss-position you from healing. This isn’t nearly as bad as before because it can only hit once per second now, but combined with it can deal a considerable amount of damage to yourself.

You can use to evade Gorseval slams. Try not to use while there are adds up or during split phase because it will get wasted.

Is strong here especially if your chronomancer can pull adds in.

As Condi Tempest you will most likely be doing cannons. You can starting from the opposite side of Sabetha to get to your cannon faster and still leave a trail that does DPS.

Condi Tempest is fairly weak at killing the cannons themselves, you will need to commit at the very minimum , , and to kill your cannon. Depending on how much might you have when you go up, you may need to commit a few more skills or auto attacks to kill your cannon. When returning to the main platform, don’t use immediately, but wait to be close enough for your team mates to get it. Also don’t use it right before Sabetha phases, or it will get absorbed by the invulnerable champion that’s about to spawn.

is recommended for this encounter as it does insane burst. Just make sure you use it when there’s plenty of time before your next cannon, hence if you are on first cannon you may want to time your well because you only have 30 seconds to burst Sabetha at the start which means you could lose your 2nd .

Salvation Pass

Condi Tempest is not recommended for Slothasaur because it gets out-classed by power DPS classes due to Slothasaur’s low armor. In addition, Condi Tempest provides no reliable CC, and loses way too much DPS if required to leave to use and . It also provides no cleave for the adds, and its primary damage can get wasted on the slublings.

Condi Tempest poses a threat to friendly slubs due to the passive on if you happen to be too close. So it is recommended you use instead.

Condi Tempest is not recommended for this encounter because it severely lacks the cleave to kill bandits, and its primary DPS on Bane, Zerg, and Narella will get wasted on adds anyway so it’s not even good for that.

Condi Tempest struggles to upkeep DPS on Matthias due to him constantly moving out of and . It also provides no meaningful CC for the sacrifice mechanic, and swapping to or to use CC will hurt your DPS even more than it does on Slothasaur.

If possible try to time your abilities such that Matthias doesn’t move as soon as you cast them. If you struggle to upkeep on Matthias, you may run with an offhand since is much more reliable to hit.

If required to run corruption into a distant well, switch to and use as will most likely come back off cooldown by the time you return unless you recently used or are lacking alacrity.

You also have a back-up reflect on and .

is recommended for this encounter because it can do insane damage to Matthias but it poses a huge threat to sacrifices so try not to use it during one especially if your team’s CC is slow.

Stronghold of the Faithful

Not an optimal choice for escort but it doesn’t matter if your team has good portals.

Don’t run this build on Keep Construct. His armor is lower than that of the target golem and power DPS classes will out-class Condi Tempest significantly. It also brings no meaningful cleave to kill the projections and lacks burst for burn phases.

Doesn’t matter what classes you run on Twisted Castle. Bring to make the experience less agonizing and since you do low cleave DPS to the random mobs, interest yourself in doing some buttons or this simple skip which you can do by equipping your main hand dagger in your offhand.

Condi Tempest under performs on the pre-event and both teleports at 40% and 20% due to lack of upfront damage, range, and pushes. It also provides little to none AoE cleave and shard clear. and get wasted on adds and shards and you lose a significant amount of personal DPS anyway. might be a better option than . can be unreliable to position directly on top of Xera’s hitbox because of gravity wells, blurred frenzies and the edge of the platform.

Although you may be top DPS on Xera as Condi tempest, it isn’t high enough to justify taking over all of its downsides.
We do not recommend using this build here.

Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn is the best boss to take your Condi Tempest to, he has not a single add or mechanic that can interfere with your and allowing it to do high DPS. Condi Tempest also has a built in shield from which will keep you alive throughout the fight.

Make sure you take instead of because the passive reflect can quickly sabotage your entire team and is the next best thing.

As Condi Tempest you can confidently ignore green circles to increase your DPS by using during a green circle attack and the automatic stability from combined with the protection from will keep you alive so long as you aren’t low on health. This usually also procs which will keep you alive until you get healed back up. You must be careful of doing this too often though as you will acquire accumulating stacks of slowness.

Condi Tempest is a strong choice for Mursaat Overseer as it can deal large amounts of damage since nothing can interfere with and for the first half of the fight. As the Jade Constructs get closer this becomes more of an issue but isn’t nearly as bad here compared to other bosses with adds. You can counter this by trying to distance yourself from the jades to the right and left. In the end no matter what you do, some of your damage will be wasted but it should still be high enough to justify taking. You can take for more consistent damage but DPS in the end should be about the same.

Just be careful not to into spikes or orange tiles.

Since the nerf to and ability to multi-hit large hitbox bosses, this build has become significantly worse on Samarog. In addition to providing no meaningful CC and being weak in the split phase it is fair to say this build is ineffective on Samarog.

Condi Tempest does a considerable amount of DPS on Deimos. It has enough burst with during the double damage debuff and is fairly safe having only one skill with a long cast time, which means slams are rarely an issue. In addition it can reliably evade slams using and loses minimal DPS if forced to dodge roll.

It can kill Saul at a good speed thanks to it’s many short cooldown damage abilities but lacks the cleave to finish him off when teleporting back down. It’s important to stack conditions on saul while you are in the underworld because he keeps them when coming back up.

Condi Tempest struggles when Deimos is standing inside of black circles because it makes it difficult to land and . Get familiar with Deimos’s movement as you will be required to predict when and where he stops moving to maximize DPS.

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