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Welcome to our Condi Tempest Guide for Guildwars 2. Here you will learn everything you need to know about playing a Condi Tempest in a raid environment.

Class Overview

Personal DPS
Crowd Control (CC)
Meta Effective Not Recommended
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1. Strengths

  • Easy to play, decent pay-off for low effort
  • Very strong single target DPS for the duration of fiery greatsword
  • Has a built-in evade in the DPS rotation
  • Provides large amounts of might to the team
  • Fast condi ramp-up time

2. Weaknesses

  • Struggles in encounters with multiple hostile entities, causing 3 of the primary DPS skills and two traits to potentially be wasted on insignificant targets
  • Has two CC skills on an extremely long cooldown, and forces you to lose significant DPS whenever you switch out of fire attunement to use them
  • Very low cleave DPS and lack of AoE/range capabilities
  • Highly alacrity dependent
  • Potential to miss out on Chronomancer wells and Druid seeds if failing to shorten Burning Speed

3. Current Viability

With the August 8, 2017 Balance Patch Condition Tempest received a small indirect nerf from the condition food changes as well as a large direct nerf to and . These skills no longer scale with hitbox size, making an offhand focus optimal against any hitbox. has been made more consistent against small targets since the burning duration got increased, but it can no longer double-hit.

and received a significant buff intended for condi tempest.

  • : Wielders of this weapon gain increased power and condition damage and cast at regular intervals on random enemies.
  • : : Burning duration has been increased from 1 second to 3 seconds per missile hit. Recharge has been reduced from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.

This passive does completely insane damage alone on Condi Tempest and has made it worthwhile to just hold onto it for the majority of its duration while using , and your utility skills off cooldown.

This can be annoying however because the passive appears on completely random enemies, sometimes on random entities that can’t even be damaged. in-world duration of 60 seconds has been reduced to 30 seconds with this patch, which means you have to pick it up ASAP or it will despawn! Simultaneously, the limited use “stacks” of the conjure have been removed and it will now last a flat 30 seconds in your hand.

is a strong alternative, as it does about 2k DPS for it’s duration with being used off cooldown, but it has much less burst potential.

4. Contents

To make it easy to navigate the guide, we have split it into 2 pages:


  • 21 August, 2017:  Moved Matthias to "Effective" and improved sections in tips & boss examples
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