These are the general Traits you use for the Fractal Weaver. You can use and play with Scepter or Dagger + Warhorn accordingly if you enjoy this playstyle more, but you will lack a lot of damage. is a really strong trait if your team breaks the boss often and reliably and puts the Tempest at the top of Fractal DPS.

Weapon Skills
Staff – Fire Attunement
Staff – Water Attunement
Staff – Air Attunement
Staff – Earth Attunement
Utility Skills
Dual Skills

You should run the Impact Staff for Daytime Fractals, Night Staff for Nightime Fractals and the Serpent Slaying Staff for the second and third Boss of Nightmare Fractal since the extra damage really comes in handy there. If you don’t have the resources to get all 3 you should atleast get the Daytime and Nighttime Staves.

Main Hand
StaffBerserkerForce Impact
StaffBerserkerForce Night
Serpent Slaying
or Fractal Specific Utility

Your utility will vary depending on the Fractal. Please see our Fractal Potion and Utility page for more information about utility potions and fractal potions. Some Fractals have enemies in them that aren’t covered by the potions we recommend, but overall you will have the right Potion against important Bosses and mobs.

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