Staff Tempest Tips and Boss Examples

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Our final section of the guide list some additional tips for different boss fights including videos of us playing the Staff Tempest against raid bosses. We will continue to add more videos to this section as they are made.

1. Boss Examples

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Spirit Vale

Play Standard Arcane for consistent DPS across phases. Try to start each phase with . Use and during split to kill the guardians and use your and during split phase to support with , and CC with , . If your group tanks VG at the wall in third phase use to survive the double floor. Additionally you can provide protection at the start of split phase while waiting for blue to spawn using instead of for a safer but slower kill.

Use Standard Air here, is in effect every time Gorseval’s breakbar is broken for 3 seconds. Try to time a high-damage ability in these few seconds like or to benefit from a 20% modifier. Don’t use , the stun is too short to make it worthwhile. Assist your team with CC by using and , when possible. Likewise, if your group is unable to break Gorseval in a timely manner, refrain from using or for the duration of Gorseval’s retaliation, but rather support your team by healing with . is also a good choice if you often find your still on cooldown at the beginning of phase 2 and 3.

and excel at killing the elite spirits in split phases and should be taken advantage of when possible.

Do not play this build here, Sabetha has a very small hitbox and Staff tempest will do embarrassingly low DPS on her while also not providing any sort of useful support. Other classes can do cannons just fine!

Salvation Pass

For Slothasaur as a tempest it is your job to take one of the mushrooms. When taking mushrooms 2,3 or 4 play Standard Arcane. For mushroom 1 play Standard Air with for maximum modifier up-time from . Always enter slubling form on so that when you exit you can start your rotation fresh because will be up. Trait in tempest to break fear for your team.

Avoid using or right before a break bar. Instead, attune to as soon as you start seeing zeros because of Slothasaurs invulnerability and no sooner! Use and to help with CC and start your rotation from when Slothasaur is broken. Careful during this part as and can interfere with slubling pulls and can bounce and kill the friendly slubling. Use strictly for mobility and always be attentive of your positioning as poor positioning on Slothasaur will cause a quick downstate.

Play Standard Air or , both work fine. Bring to break stun for your team.

If required, you can do mortars easily by using , , , and . Try to hit 2 of them with your earth, water and air skills and finish off the last one with .

Alternatively look into Fresh Air Dagger/Warhorn for this encounter.

Avoid playing this build on matthias at all costs. Matthias has extremely high armor and moves way to much which will make a Staff Elementalist’s DPS way too low all while being the squishiest class and most vulnerable to matthias’s mechanics. To make matters worse your doesn’t even work on the break bar so avoid at all costs.

Stronghold of the Faithful

Play Standard Air or here, both work fine. You may choose to run with Tempest Defense which works whenever a Chronomancer stuns the adds with , or for the lower cooldown on which is useful here for AoE cleave and blind that it provides when used in . Bring to break stun from the annoying adds. Consider taking other skill options in place of as it basically does nothing here.
For Keep Construct use our setup found under weapons and armor in our quick guide section (Requires a second Staff and Backpiece with 2 Precision Infusions in both for a total of 4 precision infusions). Play Standard Air with because whenever KC has 1 or more stacks of the debuff acquired from the orb-pushing event, he is considered stunned for the purposes of and .

Trait to break stun for your team during the falling ceiling phase near the end. Take to help heal through KC’s passive aura damage while doing the orb pushing mechanic and orb catching mechanic

No matter which tactic you use, it is extremely crucial that as a staff tempest you aim your AoEs and overloads to hit both KC and the projections at the same time. Start each normal phase and each burn phase already in with ready. Use to help break KC when possible.

Depending on what tactic your group does, if you find that you are required to kill one or two projections while waiting for the orb to be pushed, consider using and while camping to kill them quickly, that way will be ready for the burn phase. Be very careful with during orb pushing phase as its newest feature will passively hit random targets around you potentially interfering with the orb-push mechanic. Keep at least 600 units distance away from the orb to avoid this effect.

During burn phases just do the opening burst of the rotation. Additionally if you still have a in hand you can use right after using and right before your skills for a DPS increase.

During the orb catching phase help heal your team by using , , , and blasting water fields from with . Additionally you can cleanse the conditions in the final phase from his pinwheel attack by using . If required to spread out during the falling cieling phase phase, camp and focus on not dying.

Equip an off-hand dagger to perform this quick and simple skip. Additionally trait to help your team with pesky adds.

If playing Staff, take . has better cleave DPS and handles the teleports in second phase a lot better than Standard Staff.

If playing Standard Staff on Xera, do not take . Either or are more useful than here. Xera’s hitbox is extremely small and the damage output from is nearly a DPS loss over auto attacking in . If you choose to go with standard staff, either Standard Arcane or Standard Air are both good, so go with preference.

During the pre-event use your to push an orb into a rift effortlessly. Save your high damaging abilities for the 2nd shard, particularly and . It is best for an ele not to take a button here.

Before gliding into Xera you can prestack some might and fury for your team using this simple rotation -> -> -> . When hitting Xera, make sure you are not putting the center of the platform between yourself and Xera as there is an invisible entity in the middle of the platform that can prevent and from hitting. Clear shards only using and on occasion . Careful where you position while casting as you do not want to be interrupted by incoming orbs.

For the 40% teleport assist by using either or to push the orbs. Avoid using long cooldown damage spells on this shard

For the 20% teleport take a button if you are stuck without any overloads. Go melee if you have or ready. Use long cooldowns here because one-shotting this shard will pay off in the long run.

Bastion of the Penitent

Try to avoid playing staff tempest on cairn. Due to the nature of the fight you will have very little up-time, resulting in much lower DPS. Additionally cairn’s frequent teleport attack will force you to cancel your primary DPS skills or even worse; teleport you while you are casting them. Overall Staff Tempest DPS on cairn is too low.

Staff tempest can be played on mursaat overseer just fine, however it gets outclassed by almost every single DPS class on this boss including PS warrior. For best results play Standard Arcane or Standard Air, but be prepared for low DPS.

Staff Tempest struggles on Samarog when group DPS is very high, causing break bars to appear in the middle of your burst, which hurts staff DPS significantly. Play Standard Arcane for more consistent DPS across phases. Avoid using high DPS abilities like , , or during or right before breakbars. Use , and to assist with CC. Avoid using since the august 8th nerf lowered its damage against giant hit boxes like Samarog and you risk missing out on boons whenever you do. You can help with split phase by using to push Rigom into the shield!

Take to break stun for your team during the split phase if hit by the ogre’s AoE stun

Staff Tempest remains one of the best DPS classes for Deimos in this patch. Standard Arcane and Standard Air are both good but Standard Air will pull slightly ahead if doing the “Send one down at 25%” tactic. and placement is very important on Deimos and is best done when your group has agreed on a tanking pattern, allowing you to place your conjure where you think Deimos will be in 25 seconds.

Make sure all your key damage abilities are up as soon as the pre-event ends so you can make use of them during the debuff Saul applies to Deimos at the start of the fight. In general be cautious of your positioning on Deimos as you do not want to be forced into cancelling abilities because of a black spawning beneath you. Staff tempest struggles on Deimos if not receiving for the slam attack from a Chronomancer due to its many long cast time abilities.

Have your full burst ready for the 10% phase, as Staff Tempest does insane damage during that part compared to any other class. Take because it works on the knock-back during the 10% phase.

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