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This page outlines the three primary trait setups used on the Staff Weaver Build for Guild Wars 2. Open up each Trait variant to see where its effective and why.

Each variant shares the same Fire and Weaver traits

These traits are used for Gorseval, Slothasor, Deimos, and Keep Construct. It is particularly strong on Keep Construct and Gorseval because you can make use of .

– Use this trait variation if the boss’ breakbar can’t be damaged, or it doesn’t get stunned when the breakbar is broken.

These traits are used for Vale Guardian, Gorseval, Slothasor, Samarog, and Deimos.

– Use this trait variation if someone else in your squad is giving you permanent vigor.

Weapon Skills
Staff – Fire Attunement
Staff – Water Attunement
Staff – Air Attunement
Staff – Earth Attunement
Utility Skills
Dual Skills
Main Setup
Impact Setup
Use this setup on Keep Construct as Impact Sigil works on his burnphase.
StaffBerserker Force
Replace with if you’re missing .
Main Rotation

  1. Start in
  2. (Sometimes and will be up before you can swap to so just swap Step 3. and 4. if thats the case.
  3. or (Depends whats off cooldown first, if both are use Lava Font first)
  4. x5
  5. Repeat from 1.


    The rotation above is the basis of the rotation, add skills like , , and in the following manner and priority:

  • should be used after Step 8. if up. Then swap to Earth during the cast.
  • If is off cooldown, use it once you rotate back to Fire and used and in Step 3.. Apart from and also use . If you do skip the x5
  • should be used if is on cooldown(or the skills of it), after Step 2.. Use and then drop it.
  • If is up your rotation changes a little bit. Instead of attuning to Earth in Step 9. you instead swap to , use and then back to and assume your rotation normally.

Burst Opener
The rotation described above is used for the best sustained damage over a long fight. However for short fights and your initial opener all skills will be off cooldown so you want to use them in a way to achieve the highest Burst. Use them as follows:

    1. Start in
    2. and

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