General Information

This page outlines the basic setup of the Condi Engineer Build for Guild Wars 2. We recommend that you read more into the build by using the navigation links on the right should you have any questions on why the build is set up the way it is.

Weapon Skills
Utility Skills
Main Hand

Engineer does not have a simple step-by-step rotation. The main goal is to cast your high priority skills on CD, and fill in the gaps with other high dps skills!

High priority Skills:

Filler Skills:

When using , always make sure to chain it with  &

When using , chain it with (when it’s off CD)

When using , chain it with  &  (when they are off CD)

When using , chain it with (+ ) ( You can also swap and use  once , and are all on cooldown)

Use  just before you swap to use your pistol skills(or after your pistol skills)!

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