Condition Engineer Tips and Boss Examples

General Information

Our final section of the guide list some additional tips for different boss fights including videos of us playing the Condition Engineer against raid bosses. We will continue to add more videos to this section as they are made.

1. Boss Examples

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Spirit Vale

Engineer is an incredibly strong profession for this encounter, since it provides strong condition DPS, as well as being able to control all the seekers by themselves.

Use  &  to push the seekers away from your group.

Make sure to use ,  &  to chill and immobilize the seekers once you have knocked them away!

Nothing too special for engineer here, use your normal DPS rotation!

In the splits you can use ,  &  to hold the spirits if needed. Engineer can easily hold 2-3 spirits at once if you time your skills correctly, although this shouldn’t be necessary.

Perfect fight for engineer since conditions will continue to damage her while she ports up.

A good engineer is easily the top DPS profession to bring for this encounter since sabetha stands perfectly still you can reach near-golem rotations on her.

Engineer is not recommended for cannon duty, as you lose the buff on your group while you’re away.

Salvation Pass

Condition engineer is not a recommended DPS option for Slothasor, as it as far out-classed by Tempests and Guardians due to their extremely high burst.

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Condition Engineer is a strong DPS option for Mathias, even though his movement can be quite difficult when trying to aim skills.

Try to cast when he’s in his reflect bubble or just after he has moved, as he is unlikely to move again for a few seconds afterwards.

Make sure to use your CC skills on the sacrificed player, try to line them up in your rotation to fit the CC timing.

Stronghold of the Faithful

Engineer is a very strong candidate to hold the wargs on the bottom team during the event.

Make sure to use ,  &  to chill and immobilize the wargs, while also DPS’ing them down with your normal rotation!

Condition Engineer is not recommended here as it is far outclassed by power professions on Keep Construct.

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Condition Engineer can provide high DPS on xera, but lacks cleave damage which is often more valuable on Xera.

Although you can provide strong blinds for the mobs that spawn, simply killing them with cleave from other power classes is more effective overall!

Bastion of the Penitent

Since Cairn barely moves, Engineer is a very strong candidate for DPS role here.

Try to have grenade skills ready for the green circles, so you lose as little damage as possible when moving out!

Be careful using  since you can reflect his shards and hit your teammates!

Another golem boss which suits Engineer perfectly!

Use your normal rotation and you can reach near-golem rotations since he shouldn’t move at all!

Engineer is a decent DPS option for Samarog, however power classes are preferred here overall!

Use  &  to push Rigorn into the boss during the split, and use ,  &  on Guildhelm, to transfer the soft CC over and keep Rigorn in place!

Condition Engineer provides strong DPS at this encounter while also having plenty of CC through  &  to handle the breakbars of the Sauls that spawn.

use ,  &  on the prides to prevent them getting close to Saul!

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