Power Holo Tips and Boss Examples

General Information

Our final section of the guide list some additional tips for different boss fights including videos of us playing the Power Holosmith against raid bosses. We will continue to add more videos to this section as they are made.

It is generally recommended to start a boss fight with around 70% heatlevel, this gives you the highest possible burst

1. Boss Examples

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Spirit Vale

Just like Condi Engineer, Holosmith is an incredibly strong profession for this encounter, providing strong burst and steadily-available CC, which come in handy especially in the split-phases.
Ontop of that, Holosmith can help out with Seeker control by timing  properly.

You should bring ; it can be a life-saver during stressful moments, but it is mainly brought for its tool-belt skill , as any form of CC will help to speed up the fight tremendously.

Another great fight to bring Holosmith. It brings a lot of CC to speed-up the breakbars as well as applying a lot of Vulnerability on the Spirits during the split-phases, making it a great choice to play on Gorseval.

can be used as an emergency, but unlike Condi Engineer, Holosmith cannot hold all the Spirits on its own.

Try to save your for the CC-phases; combined with as well as , you can deal a considerably amount of breakbar damage.
If you happen to have off cooldown after the CC-phases, make sure to use it before or after pulling and killing the adds that will spawn, as it can become quite an inconvenience if you happen to scatter them around the arena.

Just like Condi Engineer, this fight is perfect for Holosmith; it brings , a lot of burst and Vulnerability. It is recommended to bring  if you want to be more selfish,  or  to help out your group with minimal healing.

A good Holosmith will easily be the top DPS profession to bring for this encounter since Sabetha stands perfectly still, making it very easy to simply execute your rotation. However, be careful during flamewalls as to not jump into it with your .

Same as Condi Engineer, it is not recommended for cannon duty, as you lose the buff on your group while you’re away.

Salvation Pass

Holosmith is not really recommended on Slothasor.
It does bring a lot of CC and good burst damage, but Weaver’s simply outshine Holo in every regard.

Regardless it can still be played, just make sure you do not knock away the Slublings with your .

Holosmith simply replaces Condi Engineer, it does everything Condi Engineer does, but better and with a lot more ease.
You can maximize your damage even if the boss moves a lot.

as well as are more than enough to help out with the sacrificed players, lining them up with the sacrifice is very lenient and should be done, as CC-ing the sacrificed player is more important than dishing out DPS.

Stronghold of the Faithful

Power Holosmith should not be played on Keep Construct, ever.
Weaver’s absolutely demolish this boss, so bringing a Holosmith will only make you depressed.

Power Holosmith covers the weaknesses that Condi Engineer has on Xera; plenty of high-burst, cleave damage & strong CC.
It also doesn’t hurt that Holo is able to blind the spawning mobs with  and , thus making it an extremely potent choice for DPS, being able to compete with Weavers.

Just be wary to not knock away the adds that spawn with your , so time them accordingly!

Bastion of the Penitent

Following the theme, Holosmith simply replaces Bosses where Condi Engineer previously was meta on.
Cairn barely moves, making Holosmith a very strong candidate here as well, ontop of bringing  .

Funnily, you do not have to rely on other people for Stability, as your Corona Burst procs , seemingly lining up with the green circles a majority of the time.

The perfect Golem boss to play Holosmith on.

Use your normal rotation and simply burst the boss down.

Just like Xera, Holosmith does everything Condi Engineer can do on Samarog, but much better.

Use or to push Rigom into the boss if necessary during the split, and use  on Guldhem, to transfer the soft CC over and keep Rigom in place.

Overall a very comfortable boss to play Holosmith on, making up for the DPS discrepancy compared to Weavers with a lot of CC.

Holosmith does fantastic on Deimos, and its strengths really shine through on this encounter.
While providing strong DPS, instant application of Vulnerability on the Saul’s that spawn throughout the fight as well as plenty of CC, it is almost mandatory to bring along a Holosmith for this encounter.

With  & (if it lines up with your rotation) you can easily destroy the breakbars of Saul.

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