Fractal Meta Guide – Basic Mechanics

General Information

In this section of our Fractal Meta Guide for Guildwars 2 we will cover the Basic Mechanics you should understand to play Fractals effectively.

1. Basic Mechanics

1.1. Agony & Agony Resistance

Starting from level 20 you will encounter a new mechanic called Agony. It deals damage over 3 seconds, stacks in intensity, reduces healing by 70% and can be applied to you via various mechanics. Because of this you will need Infusions. Those are placed into your Equipment and grant Agony Resistance.
Quote from the wiki regarding Agony:

The damage pulse depends on the difficulty scale and the player’s Agony Resistance attribute (AR). Every level of difficulty scale increases the health loss by approximately 2.1 percentage points. Each point of AR reduces the health loss by 1.2 percentage points, to a minimum of 1% health lost per second.

This means that you will need 150 Agony Resistance if you want to do Fractals all the way up to level 100. Specific Agony requirements for each level can be looked up on the Wiki.
There are 2 Main ways to reach 150 Agony Resistance. One of them is cheaper and without extra Stats and the other is more expensive but provides more Stats.

Budget  Optimal
6x +9 Agony Infusions

12x +8 Agony Infusions

12x Mighty +9 Agony Infusions

6x Mighty +7 Agony Infusions

1.2 Fractal Potions & Fractal Specific Utility/Sigils

Another important Mechanic you should make use of are Fractal Potions. They are additional Consumables that provide massive bonuses that make you more durable, move faster and various other bonuses. In detail the effects are as follows:

Fractal Potions
All 3 Potions effects in 1
Gives you 15% dmg and 15% condi dmg + 225 Precision (1 Agony resistance grants 1.5 Precision)
Gives you 50% endurance Recharge and 25% Movement Speed + 225 Concentration (1 Agony resistance grants 1.5 Concentration)
Gives you a 25% dmg reduction + 225 Toughness (1 Agony resistance grants 1.5 Toughness)
Gives you 15 Agony resistance ( use it as a way to reach 150 AR to save some gold or for extra stats as 1 AR = 1.5 of a stat)
Some effects like the 1 AR = 1.5 of a stat only work if you have the fractal mastery Mistlock Singularities

Something else you should consider is the Daytime and Enemy-type of the Fractal letting you maximize your damage by swapping in different Sigils or Utility food. A detailed list can be found under the individual Fractal Builds or in this table for an overview.

1.3 Making use of /gg

If you never played instanced content you might not even know about this command but if you type in /gg(or various other abbreviations like /ff /forfeit etc.) while in Fractals of the Mists or Raids your character will die. You might ask how this is useful but its quite simple. Some examples of how this can be useful are :

  • If everyone in your team dies all of your cooldowns will be reduced by 20 Minutes, effectively refreshing all of your cooldowns with the exception of the . Use this to refresh long cooldowns like Banners, , or so they are ready for the next boss fight
  • Only 1 teammate can /gg infront of a boss to allow your Druid to ressurect him to fill his , allowing him to start healing right from the start.
  • Everyone except the fastest team member can /gg. While everyone is dead the fastest member runs ahead to a checkpoint and then also /gg’s. Now everyone can respawn at the checkpoint.
  • In some cases it saves time that everyone /gg’s when a fight goes horribly wrong, allowing you to restart a boss instead of reviving dead players. This is normally only beneficial if it’s the start of the fight and 2+ players are dead.

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