Fractal Meta Guide – Class and Comp Overview

General Information

in this section of our Fractal Meta Guide for Guildwars 2 you will learn everything you need to know about creating an effective team composition for Fractals and understand what each Class brings and why they are Meta

1. Class and Comp Overview

1.1. What goes into a Meta Team composition

In general your team composition needs a few aspects in order to be efficient, aswell as additional Utility to be successful in Fractals. These include but are not limited to:

  • Boons like Might.png Might, Fury.png Fury, Quickness.png Quickness, Swiftness.png Swiftness and in some cases Protection.png Protection, Aegis.png Aegis and Stability.png Stability
  • Class specific Buffs like Alacrity.png Alacrity, and , and if you have an Engineer. Invulnerability is also a great tool in Fractals and mainly comes from Mesmer in the form of Distortion.png Distortion.
  • A Druid is highly recommended for Tier 4 due to the sustaining heal and extra Buffs(, or , and) he brings to the team for extended fights and increased pressure from Tier 4 Fractals.
    Sidenote: A Druid is also good for Tier 3 and below but because Enemies die much quicker and damage pressure is generally much lower it’s not as needed as in Tier 4.
  • Reflects like , or to block the various projectile mechanics in Fractals. Check the wiki to see what your class can bring for projectile defense.
  • Strong damage classes that make use of the Boons and Buffs to burst down the enemy fast. Almost every Meta DPS build will do the job here but some classes excel in Fractals because they also bring insane Utility besides top DPS, namely Tempest, Guardian and Engineer.
  • Movement abilities like Blinks(, or as examples), Leaps and other movement enhancing skills like and (or ) are very helpful to skip trash or the various puzzles inside the Fractals.
  • Stealth.png Stealth as another way to skip trash and puzzles. Only a few classes are capable of Stealth but the most common skills for it are  and  from the Juveline Smokescale pet.
  • Crowd Control skills to break bosses so they take increased damage and to interrupt key abilities. The most important skill here is as it does 1000 damage to the breakbar. Other classes have various CC possibilities listed below.

1.2 Example Team composition

To cover all requirements mentioned above every team composition has some must have classes to be efficient and some flexible slots that can be filled with multiple options.
There are the two classes that should be in every Fractal group:

Essential Professions
Class Buffs/Boons Utility Main Crowd Control
Mesmer Quickness.png Aegis.png Alacrity.png Swiftness.png Distortion.png   Stealth.png
Warrior Might.png Fury.png Swiftness.png     None

As you can see Mesmer is the only class that can provides sustained Alacrity.png Alacrity and Quickness.png Quickness while also having some of the most flexible Utilities in the game. and can be used to skip up tp 30+ seconds at once in some Fractals while Distortion.png Distortion is insane to protect your team from heavy hitting attacks. Also is the strongest Crowd Control in the game and makes breaking the Boss much easier.
Warrior doesn’t seem as impressive on first glance but the steady 25 Might.png Might and Fury.png Fury generation together with , and  provide the backbone of every team composition.

If you replace either of these two classes your DPS, Utility and overall effectiveness will suffer greatly so make sure you have them covered if possible.

Before we cover the DPS classes let’s go over Druid:

Class Buffs/Boons Utility Main Crowd Control
Druid (Healing), Stealth.png    

Druid provides significant damage buffs to your group while also granting access to Stealth.png Stealth, healing and strong CC from the pets.
As mentioned above a Druid isn’t strictly needed but it helps a lot and is almost mandatory in Tier 4 unless you are running really durable DPS classes like Condi Warriors. Not having a Druid almost always results in a DPS loss in Tier 4 Fractals. In the Tiers 3 and below bosses die much quicker so taking another Burst DPS class might result in more or the same DPS.

DPS Options
Class Boons/Buffs Utility Main Crowd Control
Elementalist  None Might/Fury stacking  
Guardian  None
Engineer Stealth.png  
Thief  None Stealth.png   

For DPS classes you want classes that deal high and reliable damage and cover the utility you dont already have. For example if you’re not running a Druid you probably want a Thief or Engineer to have access to Stealth.png Stealth. In an organized group a Tempest will do the best DPS wise and also bring the ability to stack Fury.png Fury and Might.png Might before the fight begins. However other DPS classes (even some that aren’t listed here) are totally viable to play and you should just experiment around to see what fits you and what you deal the most damage with.

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