General Information

This page outlines the basic setup of the Phant Mirage Build for Guild Wars 2. The build requires the Path of Fire expansion due to utilising the Mirage Elite Specialisation. We recommend that you read more into the build by using the navigation links on the right should you have any questions on why the build is set up the way it is.

Weapon Skills
Utility Skills
Main Hand
can also be used instead of , they give pretty much identical DPS

Opening Rotation:

  1. Weapon Swap
  2. Dodge
  3. Dodge
  4. Auto Attack until Weapon Swap is off cooldown
  5. Weapon Swap
  6. Auto Attack until Endurance is at 50%
  7. Dodge
  8. Auto Attack until is off cooldown
  9. Dodge
  10. Weapon Swap
  11. Dodge

Afterwards you want to continue using , , , and Weapon Swap off cooldown. Try to chain your skills together like:

  1. Dodge

Or if is on cooldown:

  1. Dodge

You should be able to use and once while waiting for  to come off cooldown.

Avoid interrupting your  Auto Attack chain whenever possible.

If   is equip, use at least one charge for DPS, so that it is always recharging. The extra casts can be either used for more DPS, or saved to help improve mobility.

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