Power Chrono Skill Summary

General Information

This part of the guide reviews some of the more important skills and cooldowns for the Power Chronomancer in Guild Wars 2. We also took the time to provide a little info on why we find each skill worth mentioning.

1. Summary

If you are new to this build, this is a great place to start to get an understanding of how the build works. In this section we will discuss what spells you have, what they are used for within this build and how they interact with each other. If you already have experience with Chronomancer or are comfortable with the build, it is recommended you skip this section and move on to the rest of the guide.

2. Main Hand

2.1. Sword

–    Coefficient: 0.7    Cast Time: 0.5    Quickness Scaling: 1

–    Coefficient: 0.7    Cast Time: 0.8    Quickness Scaling: 1

The first two attacks apply a single stack of  Vulnerability for 5 seconds, which (with  Quickness) is a little less than 6 stacks of Vulnerability. Under normal circumstances, this is negligible. However, in low mans without Eles to bring , it can be a challenge to maintain 25 Vulnerability. Also, although it doesn’t say in the tool tip, actually applies it’s stack of Vulnerability before the hit whereas applies it afterwards.

–    Coefficient (no boons): 1.32    Coefficient (with boons): 0.9    Cast Time: 0.5    Quickness Scaling: 1

The best skill in the chain is , because it can strip a boon from an enemy, and if there’s no boon to strip it does bonus damage. Even without the bonus damage it’s still the highest DPS skill in the chain, so it’s advantageous to finish auto chains whenever possible. The exception to this is when you are going to buff your team, making sure your allies have good boon uptime should be your top priority.

The boon strip is especially useful in Spirit Vale, because it can be used to remove the  protection buff from Blue Guardian, as well as Ethereal from spirits, allowing your team can deal damage to them.

In some situations, where you need careful timing to share  Distortion to your team, it might be worth stowing your weapon to interrupt the auto chain. Due to the 3rd attack, , having a fairly large after-cast. This portion of the cast-time can’t be interrupted with skill queuing, only weapon stowing or weapon swapping, and can be hard to account for in a real raid.

–    Coefficient: 4.8    Cast Time: 0.5    Channel Time: 1.4    Quickness Scaling: 0.25

One of your most flexible skills, it allows you to avoid a lot of attacks without having to dodge away from the boss. This is especially helpful while tanking because you should be trying to keep the boss perfectly still inside your team’s AoEs. Unfortunately you can no longer interrupt this skill at the beginning of its cast to get a 0.25 second evade on a 3 second cooldown, instead it will now go on full cooldown.

It’s always worth using off cooldown for DPS unless you need to save it for avoiding attacks. This is because outputs 2.84 coefficients per second, where as auto attacking only outputs 1.63 (assuming  Quickness on yourself and no boon on the target).

–    Coefficient: 0    Cast Time: 0.75    Quickness Scaling: 1

Summons a clone that executes the sword auto attack chain. Most commonly used to cast continuum split faster at the start of a fight. In spirit vale it can also be useful to strip the protection from the blue guardian without having to complete the full auto chain yourself. However the clone cannot move while attacking so mind spike might miss if you’re not careful.

–    Coefficient: 0    Cast Time: 0    Quickness Scaling: N/A

You and your clone swap locations only if the clone is still alive. Can be used either as a gap closer to reach enemies faster or for 200 break bar damage. Leap finishers are triggered based on the field at your original location before being teleported.

3. Off Hand Skills

3.1. Shield

–    Coefficient: 0    Channel Time: 1.5    After Cast: 0.25    Quickness Scaling: 0

Strongest skill in your set. Allows you to block for 1.5 seconds twice, which is great for tanking some of the more dangerous bosses, such as Vale Guardian or Xera. In addition to this, each cast will summon a Phantasmal Avenger at the end of the channel. Avengers are your most powerful Illusion because they grant 2 seconds of  Alacrity every time they attack. Maintaining a single avenger will be able to provide your team with 25%  Alacrity uptime (or 30% with ). In most situations the  Alacrity will increase your group DPS by about 50% more than the personal DPS increase from summoning a Phantasmal Swordsman in it’s place. This will vary between team comps though, because not all builds gain the same amount of DPS from the extra buffs.

–    Coefficient: 0.8    Cast Time: 0.75    After Cast: 0.2    Quickness Scaling: 1

Has no target limit, so it’s able to grant  Quickness to every player it hits, regardless of what sub-group they are in. It is a DPS increase over auto attacking but still less DPS than . This ability can also hit enemies multiple times, which means it can do anywhere between 200 and 600 breakbar damage depending on the target’s hitbox size. The cooldown can be decreased by 10 seconds if you are able to catch the projectile as it comes back. You have to the owner of this projectile though, so if you catch one from another mesmer it will not decrease your own cooldown. However the effect can stack, so if you use at the end of your and again immediately afterwards, it’s possible to catch it twice, thus reducing the cooldown by 20 seconds.

3.2. Focus

–    Coefficient: 0    Cast Time: 1.1    Quickness Scaling: 1

This skill on it’s own is not particularly useful in combat, as it only gives  Swiftness to allies and Cripples enemies, it’s mostly used to set the location of . However with the trait it can be used to reflect projectiles. If you want to reflect as many projectiles as possible, it’s recommended that you place either inside of the enemy’s hitbox, or a little bit in front of yourself. This is because it’s not difficult for projectiles to be fired over the top due to it’s low hitbox.

–    Coefficient: 0    Cast Time: 0    Quickness Scaling: N/A

Used to pull mobs together, it doesn’t do any damage but it enables you and your team to easily cc and cleave down enemies. This is mostly useful for Gorseval, Slothasor and Xera, as well as events such as Trio and Escort where there are lots of mobs to kill. If you are in a situation where there are no mobs, it can also be used for 150 breakbar damage instead.

–    Coefficient: 0.3    Cast Time: 1.45    Quickness Scaling: 1

Summons a low DPS phantasm which absorbs projectiles or reflects instead if using the trait . Not very useful in current raid encounters because of a lack of projectiles, normally it’s just used at the start of the fight, to enter faster, and then never summoned again.

3.3. Sword

–   Coefficient: 2.0    Cast Time: 0.6    After Cast: 0.42    Quickness Scaling: 1

Mostly used for the block while tanking. It’s especially useful for Vale Guardian because his auto attacks hit very hard, and there is overall a lot more pressure there, compared to other bosses. When you block an attack, the counter attack is immediately triggered. This attack is the largest single hit the mesmer currently has, however it summons a clone afterwards, which might overwrite on of you avengers. It can be prevented though, by jumping. Making sure your character is in the air when the attack is blocked, means your character can’t queue the counter ability and it won’t go off after landing.

–   Coefficient: 0.1    Cast Time: 1.25    Quickness Scaling: 1

Is the ability you gain access to while casting , using it will cancel the block. The skill deals very little physical damage but the daze does 100 damage to breakbars.

–   Coefficient: 0.5    Cast Time: 1.4    Quickness Scaling: 1

Second best phantasm, use this instead of a phantasmal avenger for more personal DPS if the extra  Alacrity isn’t needed.

4. Utilities

4.1. Wells

Strong AoE heal, even without any healing power, provides 2 seconds of  Alacrity from and also removes some conditions.

With 100% boon duration the final pulse gives 8 seconds of  Quickness, making this the longest and most important  Quickness stack available to us. It also provides 2 seconds of  Alacrity from .

Gives a massive 7 seconds of  Alacrity on the final pulse (when combined with ). Used correctly in a rotation it produces 28%  Alacrity uptime, or 33% with , which is about 3% more than a single avenger would produce.

Is personal DPS increase, provides 2 seconds of  Alacrity from  and can be used to group up mobs. It can deal 550 damage to a breakbar but it’s spread across 3 seconds, which makes it very slow. Most of the time  is preferred for its superior breakbar damage.

4.2. Signets

Second strongest skill you have for providing  Quickness, with 100% boon duration it shares a 6 second stack of  Quickness, to both your allies and yourself. It’s also one of the primary sources of  Fury in most groups. Synergies with  and  to share Distortion to allies on a relatively low cooldown.

Deals 1000 breakbar damage in a single hit, making it the most powerful CC skill in the game. It does come with a very long cooldown, but it can be reduced by .

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