Power Chrono Tips and Boss Examples

General Information

Our final section of the guide list some additional tips for different boss fights including videos of us playing the Power Chrono against raid bosses. We will continue to add more videos to this section as they are made.

1. Boss Examples

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Spirit Vale

Domi/Insp is always used here because it allows you to  Distort green circles, and stay melee the whole fight.  Not having to run green circles will increase your group DPS immensely, and it’s highly recommended that you learn the timings. To  Distort greens, alternate between using and , an example of the correct timings for each skill can be seen in the video below;

When tanking Vale Guardian, try to keep the boss perfectly still, only move him during later phases if it’s required. , and  should be used instead of dodges whenever possible – since they won’t cause any movement. can also be used if you have sword off-hand, but it will will displace you if you aren’t in the air when an attack is blocked, make sure to jump while casting this skill. Vale Guardian is currently the most dangerous boss in the game when it comes to tanking. His auto attack is very powerful, so if you think you need it to survive, don’t be afraid to bring some extra toughness. Your team will lose much more DPS from you dying, or moving the boss, compared to the personal DPS loss of bringing more defensive gear.

In the event that you’re team is having trouble controlling seekers, consider bringing a focus for and . It can be especially helpful in the last phase where there’s an extra seeker spawning in the center of the arena.

For the split phase you should alternate going Blue/Red with the other Chrono. At Blue Guardian you will have an additional job of stripping the protection buff with sword auto attack, and once Blue Guardian has been killed you can use to instantly break his bar. This will help reduce pressure, as you will now only have the aura from green guardian ticking. However, due to the large cooldown of  it won’t be off cooldown for the next split. Instead you should swap with the other Chrono and go to Red Guardian. You won’t be able to do any damage, but you can still provide buffs to the condi players and cc at the end.

Loud music warning!

Here you can  Distort Gorseval’s slam attack, making Domi/Insp the best for this fight. If you are delaying the breakbar, to reduce the DPS check for no updraft, then you can also  Distort the black fields. Otherwise, if you are breaking instantly, you can  Distort the retal. This will prevent your DPS players from blow themselves up, as long as the CC is fast enough. Try to coordinate with the other mesmer, so that you don’t use both in the same phase.

One of the Chronos normally the tank should bring focus, use and to pull veteran spirits into the boss. This will help them get cleaved down quickly, stopping them from kicking your team and interrupting their rotations.

Gorseval is not a very difficult boss to tank, his auto attacks are slow and can be side stepped easily. Only use the bare minimum amount of toughness to get aggro, anything more is overkill.

Illu/Insp is better here with good groups because of  makes avengers give more alacrity. Even though this boss acts like a golem most of the time, the extra quickness shares from  are still useful because of DPS players having to do cannons. If group DPS isn’t really high, and you think it’s likely for the fight to get messy at the end then Domi/Insp is safer. It will allow you to  Distort red bombs in the event that someone doesn’t move out of the group, also cannon shots if someone missed throwing the bomb, or even the flame wall if you’re stuck in a bad position.

At least one Chrono should bring focus here, so that and  can be used to pull thugs and arsonists into the boss. Thugs are especially dangerous here because they can kick players into the flame wall, instantly killing them. If you want to play safe then both Chronos should bring focus, to ensure they get cleaved down quickly.

Salvation Pass

Ideally one mesmer plays Domi/Insp and the other Illu/Insp. With enough DPS both Chronos can use  on different break bars, and still . This allows you to each use  twice. Having fast breakbars is very important on this fight because you are unable to deal any damage while it’s up.

If you’re the Chrono playing Domi/Insp, start the fight without using , instead cast all of your abilities before summoning any phantasms. Afterwards use  to proc , and that should give enough quickness to last until the first breakbar. Then  can be used to  and the boss’ first breakbar, and reset the cooldown so that they can be used again on the second.

Where as if you’re playing Illu/Insp, start the fight normally. Summon 3 illusions and do a  rotation before the first tremor hits. Things start to deviate when  comes off cooldown, instead of continuing with the normal rotation use your skills again to keep quickness up. You should then be able to  on the third breakbar and cast  followed by . Then depending on your team’s cooldowns, decide whether you should use  again on the forth or the fifth breakbar.

You can always guarantee yourself a block while casting  by walking on the poisonous floor.

Pay attention to the enrage timer, when it reaches X:29 left the slublings will spawn in the center of the arena. Try to place your  in the middle of them, so that will group them up. This will let druids pull them into the group using .

For your heal skill it’s usually better to bring  instead of because  has an instant cast, and synergies with  to cleans fear after each breakbar.

When sloth does his deadly spore attack try standing in the center of his hitbox and use while jumping up and down. This will block most, if not all, of the projectiles from hitting your team. On Domi/Insp doesn’t have a reduced cooldown, so it probably won’t be up when the boss uses his spore attack a second time. However with Illu/Insp it should be off cooldown, if it isn’t then just coordinate with the other Chrono so that you can alternate .

Playing Domi/Insp will make it easier for you to survive, because a lot of damage can be mitigated with  Distorts and makes your signets cleanse a condition. It can also make it a little easier for your team, because  Distortion will absorb the bosses hadouken projectile, preventing anyone behind you from getting hit.

However Illu/Insp will provide your team with better  Alacrity because of . This is useful because the mechanics of the fight might force you to run away from the group, instead of buffing your team. If your team doesn’t have a condi mesmer or guardian for reflects, this allows you to bring instead of without dropping too much  Alacrity. Also has a convenient timing with illusions, where (if you are enough at the start of the fight) it will just barely come off cooldown in time for the second sacrifice. Allowing you to your and use it again on the 3rd sacrifice.

Stronghold of the Faithful

One Chrono will run through the cave to their subgroup to the first tower, while the other Chrono stays with the rest of the group to provides buffs and pulls. When running through the cave be cautious of the mushroom emperor’s pull. Either dodge on instinct, or bind a ‘look behind’ key so that you can watch for the animation. Also, you can spam shatters for a small heal from  if needed. Make sure you always have a dodge or distortion ready once you reach the final water fountain, otherwise the mushroom charger can almost instantly kill you.

Once on the towers, try to place at the edge, so pulls mobs outside of the capture circle. This will allow you to capture the tower much faster than if you were to kill the mobs instead. You can also shatter with  to cleanse conditions if you get feared, or shatter right before pulling enemies to deduce the chance that gets blinded.

Domi/Insp allows you to  Distort KC’s jump attack, preventing your team from getting knocked down.  also reduces the cooldown of enough for it to be ready at the end of every phase. However, you will probably need to keep  Alacrity on yourself, even in the orb phases. Otherwise, if your group DPS is high enough, there might still be a few seconds left on when the breakbar appears.

Both Chronos should bring focus for and to help with pulling the orb.

If your spirit phases are very slow then might come off cooldown in time for one of the burn phases. You should resist using it there because the burns are so short, instead save if for the next spirit phase where your team can make use of the extra  Quickness and  Alacrity.

If your team’s DPS is high enough for tanking the boss in the middle then Chronos can pick up , because the Staff Tempests won’t have a chance to use them again. You also have the option of using less boon duration gear to further increase your personal DPS, but  Fury can drop if the druid in your sub-group doesn’t use Tiger.

Normally Domi/Insp is used here because the phases are too short for Illu to give significantly more buffs. There isn’t really any powerful attacks that you can completely mitigate with  Distortion, but random invuln frames from just doing a normal rotation can help to reduce pressure from the mobs.  The condi cleanse on signet cast from can be useful for the tank as well, because Xera applies a significant amount of  Confusion when using Blurred Frenzy.

It might be worth playing Chaos/Insp instead for more boons if you have Power DHs or Arcane Staff Tempests in your sub-group. This rotation generates a lot of  Protection as well, which can help reduce pressure from the mobs.

Don’t use  on the first or second platforms, it’s better to save it for the boss instead.  Try to take one of the buttons on the second platform, so that your DPS players can melee the bloodstone. Both Chronos should bring focus so that and  can pull Xera’s phantasms and white mantle mobs into the bosses hitbox. Usually the tank will focus on phantasms, while the other chrono helps the druid pull the white mantle. Sometimes mobs will spawn inside of a bloodstone and get  Aegis, when this happens it’s important to time your with the druid’s , so that the mobs get pulled out of the bloodstone before more  Aegis can be applied. It is especially dangerous if a mage is left inside of the shard, because they do the most damage, can freely cast everything on the group and get buffs such as  Might and  Fury from the bloodstone. For Xera’s breakbar if the group DPS is high enough then there should only be one per phase, in this situation it’s best for both Chronos to use . If DPS is too low and you’re getting multiple breakbars in a single phase then consider alternating  with the other Chrono or both using  instead.

If you’re tanking the boss you should always save your for hers, unless you know she used it recently (it has a 30 seconds cooldown). Try to keep the boss perfectly still inside of your team’s AoEs, unless moving her is absolutely necessary, because moving can result in a fairly significant DPS loss.

During second phase you might get teleported if you’re not tanking. On the first teleport your pull probably still on cooldown from dealing the mobs on Xera’s platform. Just take a second to use your eyes and see if anyone else has pulls or pushes for the orbs. If they don’t then instead of afking use some initiative and auto one into the rift. When the bloodstone is vulnerable try not to use many buffing skills, maybe just and to share quickness. Try to save most of your buffs for when you get back on Xera’s platform. For the second teleport you should attempt to get on a button and let one of the DPS players melee. If you’re too slow then just go melee, it’s better that you at least do some damage.

Bastion of the Penitent

Chaos/Insp is the best rotation for this fight because you can share  Stability from  combined with  or  to ignore green circles. It’s worth going into the first two because they’re so close, but the rest spawn quite far away. This makes the use of  Stability to stay melee, without being lifted, lead to higher group DPS. If DPS isn’t high enough to skip the attack, then the boss will teleport around the room spawning a slightly different type of green circle. These ones can be  Distorted, making Domi/Insp a decent choice for most groups.

When gliding in try to land on the platform and start summoning illusions as soon as possible, so that the aura tick will line up with . Allowing you to use after the first .

Usually the healing druid will take the first agony that spawns by kiting away from the group. The second and third agony are taken by the Chronos, since they have the lowest personal DPS. To get the second agony you must be the furthest player from the boss when the first green circles hit, and to get the third you should move out of the group when the enrage timer has 7 minutes remaining. Once you have an agony you can continue to melee the boss from the otherside away from the group and still provide buffs to your team.

In normal mode this boss very similar to 22 million hp golem. The only thing you can  Distort on this fight is the explosion which Jade Soldiers use if they aren’t killed fast enough. So if your group cleave DPS is high enough, it’s better use Illu/Dueling for more personal DPS. It dies very quickly and there is no breakbar, so you can take a more offensive setup, letting  carry the quickness. Since there aren’t any phases on Mursaat Overseer, it’s very easy to maintain 100%  Alacrity uptime on your team. This makes it safe for you to run instead of , without having to worry too much about dropping  Alacrity on yourself and causing a negative impact on the buffs you provide to others.

Normally one of the Chronos will get fixated by taking claim and tank the boss in the center of the board. Use the special action key to keep the 4 tiles in the middle clear at all times. Try to keep the boss perfectly still inside of your team’s AoEs, only moving if there are spikes in the way. Try to save your claim if you see one of the Jade Scouts is about to get promoted into a Soldier. Claim is affected by , which works really well with Illu because  comes off cooldown right when the first set of soldiers reach the group. This timing is perfect as is allows you to claim twice, right at the time when you needed it the most. Jade soldiers have a tendency to run all over the place, capturing many tiles in the process, so having an extra claim to help avoid the floor and spikes is very useful.

In challenge mode the boss has significantly more HP so it can’t be just busted down on the spot. You’ll probably want to play Domi/Insp, because it’s the easiest rotation to recover if you mess up, or are forced to move out of your Wells to get on top of a blue tile. With claim you’ll have to move the boss around the board much more than before, either to get on a blue tile or move out of spikes. Use the claim skill off cooldown, keep the 4 tiles in the middle clear like before but also look out for tiles on the outside to claim whenever you get an opportunity to. This will give your team more options when the blue tiles appear, and reduce the chance of someone getting killed.

Play Domi/Insp for the reduced cooldown on ,and ability to  Distort some of the shock waves. Similarly to Slothasor, having fast CC is incredibly important on this boss because he is immune to damage while the breakbar is up. Coordinate with the other Chrono so that you can alternate getting fixated and each other.  also deals a lot of breakbar damage here because of Samarog having such a large hitbox. Try to use inside of  if the cooldown lines up in the later phases. Be careful when jumping over shock waves while casting  or because if you are mid air when the block ends then no avenger will spawn.

One Chrono should bring focus for the split, use and  to pull Rigom into Samarog’s bubble. Use followed by  on Guldhem to apply immobilised on Rigom, to help keep him locked in place until he dies.

In the seconds and third phase you might be targeted by spear and required to stand with an ally to prevent yourself from dying. However, this attack can also be  Distorted, so you still have a chance of surviving even if your team doesn’t try to save you.

Domi/Insp is lets you   Distort Deimos’ slam attack, preventing your team from being knocked back or interrupting their rotation to dodge. If you have voice coms it’s a good idea to call whether or not you will have either  or  off cooldown for the next slam.

Tanking the boss doesn’t put much damage pressure on you while the group is still around, his auto attacks are slow and can be easily side stepped, blocked or evaded. However, multiple times throughout the fight you will be left alone on the platform with the only the boss and the kiter. Here you need to especially careful not to get hit by many of his auto attacks, because there is no one else to heal you. Until the boss reaches about 65% HP, try to keep him perfectly still in the center of the arena. This allows everyone to stay in melee range of the boss when the ward spawns, and keep up with their DPS rotations. Afterwards move the boss halfway between the center and the edge of the platform, but on the opposite side of the kiter (usually you want to stand on south-west). Now there should be room for black circles to spawn without blocking the ward in the middle. When a black spawns try to move the boss in a consistent direction, normally counter clockwise, to ensure your team knows which way to run and not get split off from the group. At the end of each split phase Saul will appear on the platform at 50% HP, it’s a good idea to burst him down as fast as possible. Try to move the boss towards him if it is safe to do so, it will increase the group DPS by a fair amount if both can be cleaved down at the same time.

Once you reach the final phase, try to get everyone to stack together, and chain   Distortion for all of the boss’ attacks so that no one gets knocked back.

In Challenge Mode the ward no longer spawns in the middle of the arena, so you must use  every time to mitigate the attack. Deimos has significantly more HP and Saul doesn’t apply any debuff on the boss, so phases take much longer. This puts more damage pressure on the kiter, be prepared to equip more toughness gear to keep aggro because the kiter may ask to bring more than normal.

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