Condi Scourge Guide

General Information

Welcome to our Condi Scourge Guide for Guild Wars 2. Here you will learn everything you need to know about playing a Condi Scourge in a raid environment.

Class Overview

Personal DPS
Crowd Control (CC)
Meta Effective Not Recommended
 Sabetha  Xera Soulless_Horror Mursaat_Overseer  Vale_Guardian Gorseval_the_Multifarious Slothasor Matthias Keep_Construct Cairn_the_Indomitable Samarog Deimos Dhuum 

1. Strengths

  • More offensive due to not entering any active shroud 
  • Huge cleave with epidemic
  • Condi cleanse and barrier from shades and sand flare
  • Access to a lot of boon conversion, vulnerability and weakness

2. Weaknesses

  • Requires the boss to stand still in shades and plaguelands
  • Easy to interrupt skills while lacking quickness

3. Current Viability

With the Path of Fire Expansion, September 22, 2017, the Scourge elite specialisation was added to the game. Condition Necromancer received a nice DPS increase due to the new shroud mechanic and not relying on chill fields anymore like Condi Reaper.

Scourge gains expertise with  and  for every active shade.  is also a strong trait adding an 33% damage increase to torment and causing extra burn every three seconds when torment is applied. The new elite  seems kinda useless in pve due to his low dmg compared to .

Scourge shines in fights where he gains a lot of ‘Life Force’ and can use some extra shade abilities to strike enemies nearby to you and your shades. Scourge also brings boon corruption, a lot of cleave and strong condition based DPS to fights where it’s needed which makes it a good DPS build to play on many bosses.

4. Contents

  • Build Guide: shows traits, gear, consumables and rotation for the build;


04 October 2017:  Added section

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