Scourge Update

Hello everyone! We thought it would be best to provide a little update as to what’s going on with scourge right now and why we decided to remove it from the current PoF benchmarks. Let’s start by looking at the patch notes.

  • Manifest Sand Shade: Fixed a bug that allowed strikes from this skill to hit from multiple sand shades on the same target.
  • Desert Shroud: Fixed a bug that was preventing this skill from processing Manifest Sand Shade upon casting.

We also have some undocumented changes listed below.

  • Dhuumfire only activates on Manifest Sand Shade use.

The above changes drastically affect the scourge damage potential. The impact of shade stacking and additional dhuumfire pulses were huge. Also a bug got fixed that prevented sand shade to work properly as a heal skill with runes and traits. Scourge worked fine before as a DPS spot or a PS replacement by running aristocracy runes and dessicate over renegade runes with trail of anguish providing decent might + bringing epi to some boss fights. The recent patch and our early testing quickly shows scourge falls behind other strong condi classes (easy ~7-8k).

We hope necromancer gets some power back and also some love with the upcoming balance patch. Don’t be a class nazi! Scourge is still in a ok-ish spot and can be picked for certain situations! We will keep you guys up to date with upcoming raid-testing!

Please join us in our discord server to discuss further.

Image courtesy of Velgor from #memes channel in our public discord.