Raid Build Comparisons

General Information

Welcome to our Raid Build Comparisons page for Guild Wars 2. Here you will be presented with build effectiveness by boss based on information we’ve collected from our experiences raiding. Please read the below message until you completely understand it and it’s purpose before reviewing the Raid Build Comparisons.

Please understand that we are a speed clear guild, our opinions are based around achieving the highest DPS possible on every boss. It is not necessary to be a class nazi to kill any boss; DPS checks in Guild Wars 2 Raids are very lenient. You and your team can do the job with just about every team comp. Just because we say something is not recommended doesn’t mean it’s not viable.

This page has not been fully updated to reflect the November 7th balance patch.


  • 19 October 2017:  Made changes to all bosses and removed Condi Scourge
    16 October 2017:  Added section