General Information

This page outlines the basic setup of the Condi Ranger Build for Guild Wars 2. We recommend that you read more into the build by using the navigation links on the right should you have any questions on why the build is set up the way it is.

Weapon Skills
Utility Skills
Main Hand
Axe Viper Geomancy
Shortbow Viper Geomancy
Torch Viper Earth
Head Viper Krait
Shoulders Vipers Krait
Chest Viper Krait
Hands Viper Krait
Legs Viper Krait
Feet Viper Krait
Back Earrings
Viper Viper Viper
Amulet Rings
Viper Viper Viper
Food Utility

  1. Weapon Swap
  2. ()
  3. Weapon Swap
  4. ()
  5. Weapon Swap
  6. Repeat from step 5
  • Notes:
  • Cast off cooldown since it is an instant cast.
  • Use and off cooldown but try to prioritise weapons skills if they are up.
Name DPS Utility CC Notes
Lynx High None None
Tiger High Fury None
Jungle Stalker High Might None
Electric Wyvern Medium launch 232-928 Hits 1-4 times depending on hitbox size
Pink Moa Low Daze 200
Black Moa Low Daze 300 Requires Guild Wars 1
Red Moa Low Fury None
Smokescale Medium Smoke Field None Doesn’t blind foes
Jungle Spider Low Immobilize 200 Only deals soft CC
Fern Hound Low Healing None

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