General Information

This page outlines the basic setup of the Condi Soulbeast Build for Guild Wars 2. We recommend that you read more into the build by using the navigation links on the right should you have any questions on why the build is set up the way it is.

Weapon Skills
Utility Skills
Main Pet (Lynx)
 If CC is required (Warthog)
Weapon Set 1
Dagger Viper Agony
Torch Viper Geomancy
Weapon Set 2
Shortbow Viper Agony
Weapon Set 1
Dagger Viper Malice
Torch Viper Geomancy
Weapon Set 2
Shortbow Viper Malice
Head Viper Nightmare
Shoulders Viper Nightmare
Chest Viper Nightmare
Hands Viper Nightmare
Legs Viper Trapper
Feet Viper Trapper
Back Earrings
Viper Viper Viper
Amulet Rings
Viper Viper Viper
 Stat Infusions
18x Malign
Food Utility

Main Weapon Rotation

  1. (Only if CC is not needed)
  2. Weapon Swap ()
  3. Weapon Swap to proc ()
  4. Repeat from 1


  • Fill the cooldowns on your weapon skills with Utility- and Pet Skills.
  • If all Utility-, Pet-, and Weaponskills are on cooldown, fill the downtime with auto attacks
  • The auto attack chain of dagger doesn’t interrupt if you cast something else in between
  • before you swap from dagger/torch to shortbow, make sure to finish your dagger auto attack chain

Utility- and Pet skill priority


  • Prioritize weapon skills over other skills
  • Always make sure to cast skills with a higher priority before skills with lower priority
  • Every second  will align with the cooldown of . Cast them together

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