Condi Druid Tips and Fractal Examples

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Our final section of the guide list some additional tips for different fractals including videos of us playing Condi Druid. We will continue to add more videos to this section as they are made.

1. Fractal Examples

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Axe/Axe is quite useful for grouping together the mobs throughout the fractal, using .

can be used in place of to CC the groups of mobs since they will die so fast.

At the final room, you can replace some utility skills for traps and also take as they are all unblockable and will damage the golems through their shield.

Run all spirits and trait nature magic to provide extra might, protection and vigor for your team.

For pets you should run tiger and jungle stalker to help with might and fury.

Axe/Axe druid can be quite useful on the anomaly boss to pull the mini-golems with  into cleave range of your team, since they’re knockbacks do decent damage and interrupt DPS rotations of your allies.

For pets you should run Jungle stalker and 1 cc pet, or both cc pets if your group is really struggling with breakbars.

The final boss should die fast enough that pulling mobs is not an issue, however if your team is being pressured greatly by them then you can run axe/axe here also.

For the seal sections, you can run mostly glyphs to blind/daze/push the mobs without killing them.

Axe off-hand can be quite useful for grouping up mobs especially at the arm seals.

For the endboss you can run a standard skill setup with jungle stalker and pink moa as your pets. In the later phases you have to predict his attack where his breakbar appears, and slightly precast in order for it to hit in time. Alternatively you can use if you’re on shortbow at the time.

Since Mai Trin applies quite a lot of conditions you should run traited with  to relieve condi pressure from your allies.

Since Mai Trin is immune to conditions at high stacks of captain’s shield, you can replace with for faster breaks when she is in the lightning field, and as an extra glyph for condition cleanse.

For pets you should run jungle stalker and Pink moa.

Since the first effigy is immune to burning, you should replace torch with dagger offhand, and replace with either or .

For the molten boss itself you can run the standard skill setup and 2 cc pets if needed.

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For the entire fractal, double CC pets (electric Wyvern and Pink Moa) is an absolute necessity due to the large and frequent breakbars of all 3 boss encounters.

For M.A.M.A I recommend replacing with since the frequent breakbars of the ads at each 25% interval requires a lot of short cooldown CC. is also not a huge DPS increase considering how short and bursty all the phases of the boss are. You should cast at the beginning close to where the first ad (at 75% HP of M.A.M.A) spawns and then shatter it when going to kill the first knight. You can then recast closer to M.A.M.A. where the final knight will spawn so you have the buff for the majority of the rest of the encounter. Save your electric wyvern () for M.A.M.A only since it’s your strongest cc, try to use and on the ads, and pink moa is absolutely necessary.

For the middle events, Axe Off-hand is quite useful for grouping up the hoards of mobs with . You should keep y to ensure the mobs are CC’ed and blinded as much as possible.

For Siax, you should run again over since less CC is required at this boss. At the beginning buff your allies with after quickdrawing your . Delay the break by a few seconds so all the important damage from Tempests/Weavers has been cast. In the splits you should take one hallucination with the mesmer since your overall dps is lower than the other party members. For the first split you should be on axe/torch to use and , then swap to shortbow. When the split ends, buff your allies as soon as possible because the boss is broken at the very beginning of the phase. Towards the end of the second phase you should shatter your spirits (~50%hp) to ensure they’re ready for the last phase of the boss. If your group has high enough damage to skip the breakbar in the second phase, then re-cast your spirits ASAP at the start of phase 3 and be ready to use all your CC skills on the boss.

For Ensolyss you can run the same skill setup, as almost every 33% health interval only requires a single breakbar to phase the boss. At the beginning you should quickdraw your then start buffing just before the first bubble ends. since you’re in already you can use combined with wyvern to break the boss mid-jump and interrupt his aoe attack. Cast after leaving and continue your rotation. Be weary of using your the second time as he tends to rush away around that point, and it can be completely wasted if you cast it too early. Make sure to heal up your team just before the bullet hell starts, and shatter your spirits so they’re ready at the beginning of the next phase.

Make sure you start the phase with pink moa and swap to wyvern after to ensure it gets as many hits as possible, this is extremely important as it can be the difference in succeeding or failing to break his bar in time. You should heal up allies with glyphs when the boss comes back and cc with as well as if you have full CA. With high dps you will break him a second time around 45% and then phase him from there, since your pets will most likely not be ready yet, you can use and to help with the breakbar while the mesmer should cover the rest. Similar to phase 1, shatter your spirits and heal your allies before the bullet hell.

Phase 3 is the same start as the second phase in terms of CC and buffing, since one breakbar should be enough to phase him to 15% you can use all your CC on the first breakbar of the phase and then focus on buffing your allies and dealing damage yourself!

For Skorvald, if you have high damage you can break and phase him before he does many attacks so you can play normal condi druid with wilderness survival. For the split phases make sure to cleanse the burning from allies and heal up before/after each island. When portaling back to the main platform resummon your spirits and buff your allies straight away as the boss is broken for the first few seconds when you arrive back to the platform.

For Artsariiv, you should run nature magic and replace with , due to the immense pressure applied by the ads in this encounter. Since the phases are so short, you can run Axe/Torch + Staff for burst heals and a projectile block for her ball attack. The extra damage from shortbow is hardly useful since druid will be buffing Weavers during the breakbar and she will phase within 1 rotation with even average group DPS. Precast your spirits each phase between the center where the boss repsawns and the corner she will go to in each phase to ensure you have high protection uptime when the mobs spawn. Make sure to avail of all your soft cc through , and as the breakbars in the split are all relatively small.

For Arkk, you can keep nature magic and if your chrono’s cannot reliably invuln the ball attack, or if your DPS if low so the phase will last longer than usual. With high DPS however, you can run wilderness with and , with jungle stalker and wyvern as pets (double cc pets are also fine if your team is struggling with his breakbar) Make sure to shatter your spirits within 5% health of him phasing so they’re ready again at the burn phase. If your group is struggling to kill the anomaly in the main phases then you can use , or some shortbow autoattacks to help burn it down faster. For the breakbar phases start on wyvern and use your action key as well as to cc. Make sure you have resummoned your spirits also which should last into the next phase until 55% when you should shatter them again to be ready for the breakbar. Make sure to buff your allies with and at the start of the breakbar phase to burst the boss as fast as possible. If using jungle stalker, then use to help with might ramp-up at the start of each phase.

, and can all be used at the bonfire event to soft CC the elementals.

For the Ice elemental, cast your spirits as you’re running into the room and buff your allies in the middle as soon as all the bonfires have been lit. Weaver’s will cover most of the damage here so your main focus is just to buff them.

For the endboss, you can take glyph of equality over sun spirit, since having extra CC is quite useful. Sun spirit can also proc on random trash mobs or the ice statues that spawn within the fight so it’s DPS increase on the boss itself is not very consistent.

Axe/Axe can be useful for grouping up hoards of mobs with .

Try your best to outheal your team’s brain cell loss from doing this fractal :))

Since the Phases are so short and bursty, can be replaced by another utility should you need one, but there is nothing better to take in most cases, except if your group is lacking CC.

For pets you should run Wyvern and whatever else your group needs, Pink moa if CC is an issue or just standard jungle stalker for damage + Might.

Make sure to call your pet back to you in the mob phase as the adds will often aggro on it if it’s at the boss and slow down the progress of the event.

Make sure to cast your spirits appropriately depending on where the boss will jump to and which wisp will be active at that time. Also ensure that you shatter your spirits early enough at the 50-25% phase so they are ready again for the final burn on the boss.

For Subject 6, precast your spirits and avoid placing many aoe fields at the beginning until he has done his first block attack, after that you are safe to break him and burst him down!

For the maze, you can stack stealth at the beginning to ease pressure from the golems inside the room, Use glyphs to cleanse your immobilize if activating the middle console.

For the scientist room you should mainly try to buff the DPS class that is also there with spirits and , however you can leave and other condis on the doors to help speed up the process.

For the endboss you should bring double cc pets since his breakbar is quite large and it’s important to break it ASAP later on in the fight in order to burst him down as quickly as possible. Try to heal your allies every time you group up on a safe platform, if you’re forced to range then stay on shortbow since it’s ranged damage is higher than axe/torch.

Blast stealth with your group using smokescale () after clearing the first harpy at the start.

For the four mini boss room you should run a standard skill setup with double CC pets as there are multiple breakbars that should be broken as frequently as possible. is quite useful as it hits all of the bosses with soft cc while also blinding/slowing the bandit bomber.

Focus your damage on the Ettin primarily since the shaman will easily die to cleave. Since the ettin has quite high protection uptime the condition damage you deal to him is very effective.

For Old Tom, if your Tempest/Weavers are not using to block the green spin attack then you can take brown bear instead to tank it while also curing poison from your allies.

For the end golems Axe offhand can be useful to group up the mobs with .

Blast stealth at the beginning for your group using Smokescale ().

If the person activating the console does not have reliable stealth, then you can aggro the mobs after stepping off the button and kite them until the door has opened.

Make sure to use warhorn as often as you can to help upkeep swiftness with  during the next puzzle.

For the end boss double CC pet can be used for faster and more consistent breaks, however Wyvern will not hit very often due to the small hitboxes of both bosses.

Blast stealth with Smokescale using  at the beginning to avoid aggroing any unwanted attention on the way to Dulfy.

Help clear the oil pots above with shortbow skills, however Tempest/Weavers are responsible for this usually.

Blast stealth with Smokescale again using  to safely pass through the groups of mobs. If your group has no other source of stealth then you can trait Beastmastery to reduce the cooldown of Smokescale’s in order to stealth more frequently.

For the first groups of Grawl, axe offhand is quite useful for grouping together the mobs with . is a nice substitute for here as the grawl will all die within a short amount of time.

For the middle event, use and to slow down the Grawl shaman approaching the prisoners.

At the endboss, traited with to reduce it’s cooldown is an absolute must, due to the high burning pressure applied by the boss each 25%. Axe offhand is also quite useful for pulling groups of lava elementals closer with  as they can easily range you and down allies within seconds. Make sure to save your for just after his bubble is broken each time and don’t be afraid to camp avatar for the time straight after as the damage pressure from the burning + the elementals combined is immense. Remember your damage loss from camping is nothing compared to the DPS loss of a Tempest/Weaver going into downstate, so play it safe and make sure your allies HP is sufficient before leaving .

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