General Information

This page outlines the basic setup of the Condition Renegade Build for Guild Wars 2. Devastation brings a strong group buff in the form of  and should be taken over Invocation.

Weapon Skills
Utility Skills
Legendary Demon Stance
Legendary Renegade Stance
Main Hand
Mace Viper Smoldering
Axe Viper Geomancy
Head Viper Nightmare
Shoulders Viper Nightmare
Chest Viper Nightmare
Hands Viper Nightmare
Legs Viper Trapper
Feet Viper Trapper
Back Earrings
Viper Viper Viper
Amulet Rings
Viper Viper Viper
Food Utility


  • Try to never interrupt your auto chain, which effectively means after every  you can use 1 other ability(Like  etc.
  1. Auto attack until  comes off cooldown
  2. Auto attack until  comes off cooldown
  3. Repeat from 1.

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