Condi Revenant Tips and Boss Examples

General Information

Our final section of the guide list some additional tips for different boss fights including videos of us playing the Condi Revenant against raid bosses. We will continue to add more videos to this section as they are made.

1. Boss Examples

Click on the + sign below to expand each section to view videos and descriptions for each boss listed.

Salvation Pass

Start on Mallyx, use Temporal Rift and Unyielding Anguish. Use Embrace the Darkness, Searing Fissure and Echoing Eruption. And swap to Jalis to continue the rotation.

Bastion of the Penitent

Start on Mallyx ,use the special action key to get on boss and use Searing Fissure, Echoing Eruption and Temporal Rift. Leap back in with Unyielding Anguis after the first green circle and use Embrace the Darkness. And swap to Jalis to continue the rotation.

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