Condi PS Berserker Tips and Boss Examples

General Information

Our final section of the guide list some additional tips for different boss fights including videos of us playing the Condi PS Berserker against raid bosses. We will continue to add more videos to this section as they are made.

1. Boss Examples

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Spirit Vale

Carry your Banner with you during the Split Phase and take it back after.  can be used to block Unstable Magic Spike (blue AoEs).

Use properly aimed to clear Orbs while still dealing damage to Gorseval.

Use properly aimed to cleave down Flame Turrets during the last 25% of the fight.

Salvation Pass

Replace  with  for additional CC. Try to aim your  to hit the Slublings, make sure to not hit the mushroom eater. Move your banner if necessarily to maintain the buff.

Run the standard Condi PS Setup. Aim your  to hit as many adds as possible.

Consider swapping  out for  if your group lacks CC. If you use  be careful to not reflect the Shards of Rage (Jumps into the air and slams his staff into the ground).  if timed correctly can also be used to take stacks of from Blood Shield.

Stronghold of the Faithful

Aim your  towards the spawning projections to hit them and Keep Construct at the same time. Make sure that your banner lasts at least until the end of the burn phase.

Try to cleave the adds with . Use  or any other fire field of your group together with your banner and to blast might at the start prior to flying to the main platform and after the 50% gliding phase.

Bastion of the Penitent

Aim your towards the Jade Scouts to prevent them from transforming into Jade Soldiers.

Replace with  for additional CC.  can also be used to push Rigom into Samarog during the 66% and 33% phase.

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