Condi PS Berserker Tips and Boss Examples

General Information

Our final section of the guide list some additional tips for different boss fights including videos of us playing the Condi PS Berserker against raid bosses. We will continue to add more videos to this section as they are made.

1. Boss Examples

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Spirit Vale

If your druids are running nature magic and jungle stalker, then you can play berserker runes here which makes the red split slightly faster and has slightly higher damage overall. However if your group is struggling with might ramp-up then you can run standard rune variations for extra might output.

If running a team composition with 4 power DPS professions then both warriors should go to red guardian in the split as blue/green will be burst down by the power classes even if might is slightly lower on them. Even if both warriors are going to red, the warrior with discipline banner should place it inbetween blue split and the boss so another profession can carry it in the split.

If you’re running with 3 power professions and 1 condi then 1 warrior should go to a separate split. The warrior with banner of discipline should go to blue and the one with strength should go to red. Carry your Banner with you during the Split Phase and take it back after.  can be used to block Unstable Magic Spike (blue AoEs).

Use properly aimed to clear Orbs while still dealing damage to Gorseval.

Place your banners in such a way that you will also gain the buff during the splits while running from 1 ghost to the next. If your group has low damage on the ghosts in the split then you can use flurry and pin down to immobilize them.

Make sure to save your headbutt for Gorseval’s CC phase and don’t use it for DPS in the rotation, unless it will be off-cooldown in time for the next CC.

Use properly aimed to cleave down Flame Turrets during the last 25% of the fight.

Berserker runes can be used here as druids will have jungle stalker, and there are no split phases involved. Even though might will be consistent on the main group with berserker runes, standard rune variants are also a very close DPS option since it will help with might build-up on allies that are coming back from cannons

Salvation Pass

Replace  with  for additional CC. Try to aim your  to hit the Slublings, but avoid cleaving your allied slubling with your F1 fields.

If you drop your banner from the starting position in the arena then make sure to pick it up later on and move it closer to your group as the boss moves further into the arena to ensure high uptime.

Run the standard Condi PS Setup. Aim your  to hit as many adds as possible.

Consider swapping  out for  if your group lacks CC. If you use  be careful to not reflect the Shards of Rage (Jumps into the air and slams his staff into the ground).  if timed correctly can also be used to take stacks of from Blood Shield.

Since both druids should be running jungle stalker & frost spirit (traited with nature magic) You can use berserker runes as warrior here since might levels will be consistent enough from the extra might provided by both druids.

Aim your scorched earth fields to try clear icy patches while also damaging the boss.

Stronghold of the Faithful

Carry your banner with your group as you move to ensure high uptime of it’s buff.

Pin down, flurry and sword auto-attacks can all be used to immobilize/crippled the oncoming wargs.

Aim your  towards the spawning projections to hit them and Keep Construct at the same time. Make sure that your banner lasts at least until the end of the burn phase. For the 1-orb middle strategy you can cast your banners immediately at the start of each phase to ensure they last until the end of the burn phase.

Try to cleave the adds with . Ideally a Tempest/Weaver will provide a fire field to ensure you don’t have to waste any important DPS skills, however if you have to provide a fire field Use  or any other fire field of your group together with your banner and   to blast might at the start prior to flying to the main platform and after the 50% gliding phase.

When Xera is in the middle of the platform be careful  aiming your projectiles, as there is a hidden hitbox in the very centre that will destroy all projectiles. Try to aim at her from the side or even stand in front of her when she’s not doing blurred frenzy.(The extra damage you take from her autoattacks will help druids to regenerate avatar faster)

You can run berserker runes here since druids will have jungle stalker and since the boss is stationary with high DPS, might uptime is very consistent.

Bastion of the Penitent

Since druids will be running jungle stalker and frost spirit (traited with nature magic) you can run berserker runes here since the boss is completely stationary with high DPS, might uptime will be very consistent thanks to the extra  ~8 might provided by the condi druid, and ~12 might provided by the healing druid.

Be careful not to reflect cairn’s shards with Shattering Blow as you can easily kill your group.

Aim your towards the Jade Scouts to delay their progress and prevent all 4 statues from becoming jade soldiers at once. The cleave from the knights is also important for extra adrenaline gain and up-keeping higher stacks of furious.

If druids are running nature magic with jungle stalker and frost spirit, then you can run berserker runes as might will be consistent enough with mesmers also sharing.

Replace with  for additional CC.  can also be used to push Rigom into Samarog during the 66% and 33% phase.

Pin down and flurry can be used to immobilize Rigorn during the splits.

If your berserk is recharged just before CC then you may want to delay it until just before the cc ends as conditions cannot be applied to the boss during his breakbar.

Make sure to blast might at the very beginning with Flames of war + arcing arrow and for great justice.

At the first teleport when clearing the statues, you should use a normal longbow F1 and sword/torch skills to kill the statue. You can enter berserk to clear the statues if your group isn’t going to successfully clear all 4 within the first teleport.

You can bring your banners down to every teleport however make sure to pick them up again before being ported back to the main platform.

Aim your fire fields to cleave down greeds/prides to prevent damage pressure on your group and to make adrenaline gain easier and upkeep more stacks of furious. Make sure to cleave the Sauls when they return to the main platform as well, especially at 50% to prevent him from splitting a second time.

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