Spellbreaker Guide

General Information

Welcome to our Spellbreaker Guide for Guildwars 2. Here you will learn everything you need to know about playing a Spellbreaker in a raid environment.

Class Overview

Personal DPS
Crowd Control (CC)
Meta Effective Not Recommended
 Vale_Guardian Keep_Construct   Gorseval_the_Multifarious Sabetha Slothasor Matthias Xera Cairn_the_Indomitable Mursaat_Overseer Samarog Deimos Soulless_Horror Dhuum

1. Strengths

  • High breakbar damage with , , and .
  • Provides 3 of the strongest unique damage buffs in the game – , and
  • Reliable boon remove pushes spellbreaker in the ‘Nightmare’ and ‘Shattered Observatory’ challenge motes. Chrono can bring instead of .
  • Dodging is no longer necessary after the ‘Stick and Move rework’ to ‘Pinnacle of Strength’ (Might now grants you an additional 10 power per stack at level 80).

2. Weaknesses

  • Pretty low damage in long fights compared to bs warrior and other classes.

3. Current Viability

With the December 12, 2017 Balance Patch Spellbreaker received a small qol update.

: The attack from this trait has been renamed Reckless Impact and is now shown as a separate skill in its tooltip. Reckless Impact now grants 1 stack of might for 5 seconds for each foe struck.

: This trait has been renamed Pinnacle of Strength, and its functionality has been changed. Might now grants you an additional 10 power per stack at level 80.

4. Contents

To make it easy to navigate the guide, we have split it into 1 page:

  • Build Guide: shows traits, gear, consumables and rotation for the build;


  • 14 December 2017:  Added section

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