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Welcome to quanTify’s home for Guildwars 2. We have a number of great resources on display. Thank’s to our love for Guild Wars 2 we have brought you continuously updated build guides for all professions. Our guides relate to Player vs Environment (PvE) content and are vigorously tested to ensure they hold true to that ‘meta’ keyword. We encourage you to voice your thoughts!

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News & Updates

Bannerslave Berserker

With the November balance patch Warriors no longer need to run Phalanx Strength due to changes with GoTL for Druids. We now focus on DPS and Banner uptime for our raid group.

Fractal Druid

Condi Druid is a staple of any fractal group providing invaluable team buffs through spirits, Grace Of The Land and healing output, as well the ability to provide over 1000 Breakbar damage if required.

Magi Druid

The retired Magi druid build that was used before November's balance patch.

Scourge Update

We thought it would be best to provide a little update as to what’s going on with scourge right now and why we decided to remove it from the current PoF benchmarks.

Benchmarks Path of Fire

The Path of Fire release brought a lot of changes to the meta. We have added many new builds in the updated benchmarks. Remember, don't be a class nazi and have fun!

Power Druid

Power Druid Guide General Information Welcome to our Power Druid Guide for Guildwars 2. Here you will learn everything you need to know [...]

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